Hands’ Dance, 2019
Oil (hands) and mixed media (background) on canvas
155 x 127 cm 
Sold out

Hands’ Dance

An idea came from the struggle of avoiding faces/portraits. Then you have a face in the work, the eyes of it become the starting point or even the main point from where spectator’s eyes start to travel around. I needed to move away from them and all the rest of facial features. I needed to find another body part which can present the person. As an artist, as well, I do not want to lose the painted person’s identity. Eventually, I found hands!

Hands can tell your story, it can be very expressive in the posing and all of them are non-identical!

The inspiration for composition is the painting Dance (1910) by Henri Matisse. However, the spectator can be a part of the work by rotating it – there is no “right” position.